Greetings my loves! This is just a quickie post I wanted to share with you guys about a cute little spot around the LA / West Hollywood area that serves some really good breakfast! The Griddle is basically an LA tourist attraction/ hipster place to be seen breakfast cafe. You’re bound to spot a celeb or two (which I did) when you’re their but who’s phased by them when the real star of the show is the food at the Griddle Cafe!

WARNING: They serve what has to be the most enormous pancakes on the planet! ? You definitely get your money’s worth at the Griddle Cafe. The first time I went I had an “order of pancakes”. And order being like 3 of the biggest pancakes ever that unfortunately I never got to finish. They literally could have fed a small village. The next time I went I wised up and me and the bestie split our food. We ordered the French toast and a salad. Weird combo… I know. But I really wanted salad and she really wanted me to try the French toast so we made it work!

The restaurant is really small inside but they do have some outside seating on the sidewalk. It ALWAYS crowded. ALWAYS! But they seem to get the food out as quickly as they can which is good. They do serve more than breakfast as well. Burgers, salads, sandwiches, tacos, etc.

They do close at 4p.m. everyday so get their early!

The Griddle Cafe French toast The Griddle Cafe salad