Stuff I Eat InglewoodToday’s post is spotlighting a leauxcal (get it…local) eatery that I came across in the LA area. Inglewood, California to be exact!

Stuff I Eat is nestled in the heart of Downtown Inglewood and they specialize vegan cuisine that touches on soul and Tex Mex!

Know if you know me you know that I’m not vegan. Like I’m not even a little bit. It will probably take a lot for me to get rid of my my maple bacon lmao! BUT that doesn’t mean that I’m not super down to trying vegan options. I know that a meal does not need to contain meat in or on it to be delicious. And that’s exactly what Stuff I Eat is. DELICIOUS! At least the dish I ate was.

My mom was already there when she called me and told me that I HAVE TO TRY THIS NACHO SALAD!! And I was like OK.

I was just wondering how good vegan nachos can TRULY be! I was pleasantly surprised. And by the looks of the pic I took it just looks like a regular green salad. That wasn’t the case. There were a whole plate of nachos underneath all this green!

Now you all are just going to have to trust me when I say this dish is fire! If I’m not mistaken there was some sort of vegan cheese, corn, black beans, and a ton of other warm goodness underneath all the lettuce. For the salad part they give you a nice light dressing to put on top of the greens. This nacho salad definitely did not lack in flavor. It is really a tasty dish.

Stuff I Eat does have soul food dishes that I peeped on another person plate. I saw some Mac and cheese, greens, and yams! It looked divine and my next go round I plan on trying that!

So while I was in there a gentleman asked me if it were my first time there. It was. He was kinda adamant on me meeting the owner, Babette, who came by my table, spoke for a sec, thanked me for coming by and walked outside.

Not a lot of time had past when she came back inside the restaurant on her speaker phone saying that she was on the phone with Steve Harvey and that he wanted her to come to a taping of the show as a guest so good for her!

It’s a cute little restaurant with an Afrocentric vibe. Pretty eco friendly as well. AND THEY ARE BLACK OWNED! ?????? 

Stuff I Eat is a spot I’d definitely recommend!

Check them out!