For this blog post I wanted to do a little HIGH-LOW beauty review featuring two of my new favorites products. One line being a higher end brand and the other being a less expensive drugstore brand. I purchased the Fenty Pro Filt’r Foundation and concealor from Sephora and I purchased the Wet N’ Wild from my local CVS drugstore.

So I’m late to the party and I bought the Fenty Beauty line way after Rihanna launched the cosmetics brand in September 2017. But I’m typically always late to the beauty party so I already knew that I wasn’t going to purchase it when it first launched. I like to wait till all the hype settles down and see how the masses react to the brand. The reaction has been mostly positive. As a matter fact it’s been all positive from what I’ve seen. I have yet to see anything negative about Fenty beauty cosmetics line so far. So you can pretty much consider this blog post another positive review because if I don’t know anything I know one thing: Rihanna did that!!

This blog post came to be because I’m basically cheap, ha ha!, and I Didn’t want to spend too much money at Sephora at the time. I only went in there to purchase concealer because I had run out of my usual concealer, by NYX, but I thought I wanted to try something different so I figured I’d go The FENTY route. And going that route I figured if I’m going to buy the concealer I ought to buy the foundation as well Because why not. At the time I was simply using a BB cream cream as my daily coverage to make my face look more even. I actually hadn’t worn regular foundation in some months so that also prompted me to purchase the Fenty Pro Filt’r Foundation to go along with the concealer.

At Sephora I inquired about Milk cosmetics concealor. I had seen Instagram make up artist Sonjra Deluxe use it and wanted to see if it was worth it.

While swatching by me the lovely Artists a Sephora explained to me that Milk cosmetics is a great if you love full coverage. She showed me on my cheek just how full coverage their foundation actually is. IT COVERED EVERYTHING! She explained that if I wanted a more natural coverage that Fenty Pro Filt’r Foundation would probably be my best option. I tried both. Although the MILK brand looked amazing it didn’t oxidize into my skin like I’m normally used to. The FENTY oxidized as soon as she applied it to my face.

Although you could still see everything on my face as far as beauty marks some old acne marks it’s still look like my skin which is what I prefer as opposed to a full coverage makeup look so FENTY was the winner. I bought PRo Filt’r soft matte longwear foundation in shade 280 & the PRo Filt’r instant retouch concealor in 280. These two products are an absolute dream! I can’t say enough good about them. Together they do exactly what I need them to do.

The foundation give me enough coverage where my skin still looks like skin but it looks even. The concealer highlights just enough in the areas that I apply it to and conceals beautifully. It’s an A plus in my book.

Now like I said I didn’t want to spend too much money at Sephora. I had already ditched my original plan to find a cheap concealer to purchase FENTY. I also wanted to purchase some highlight and contour products. And I definitely wasn’t about to spend more money to try trophy wife highlight although that’s probably next ha ha. I decided to just purchase those two items and carry myself to my local CVS drugstore.

wet n wild hello halo


CVS is where I found my new favorite contour and highlight products. I found the perfect highlight and Contour Products by Wet n Wild.

They’re the Megaglo Hello Halo highlighter in Goddess Glow and the Wet N makeup stick Contour in Call Me Maple.

Unlike the Fenty Cosmetics which cost about $30 a piece, Wet N Wild products cost around $4.99 a piece. I wasn’t sure what to expect with these two products. Although I’ve used Wet n Wild before I didn’t know how well it would go with the Fenty Beauty.  I was pleasantly surprised at how well everything went together.

All four of these products give me the most natural look I’ve ever accomplished doing my makeup. I typically keep my makeup on the lighter side. I knew that since summer was approaching that I wanted products that would give me a Natural Glow.

These four products have literally been my daily staples. I honestly can’t see myself purchasing anything else anytime soon that will replace these products. I’m not opposed to just playing around with other makeup and reviewing anything else but right now I am so content with Fenty and Wet N Wild that these products have not officially become my staple. It’s safe to say it’s my Holy Grail.

When I’m feeling less frugal and want to explore the other products in the Fenty line I will especially since summer is approaching I plan on getting a great tan. I think the trophy wife highlighter will look great on me but I will give that at least another month.

So I say all that to say don’t be afraid to mix up lines there’s nothing wrong what’s a little high low in the stash. Since I’ve been wearing makeup I’ve pretty much been on the lower end of the spectrum as far as price points. I figured I’d Splurge a little bit because I feel like what Rihanna has done for the beauty industry. She’s expanded the color shades to be more inclusive of darker skin tones which have been amazing. I definitely had no problem giving her my coins. Even with my lighter skin tone I just found it kind of crazy how the shade ranges we’re so scarce.

 I commend Rihanna in filling in the gap that should have been filled in years ago.


Lauren Koontz; Fenty Pro Filt'r Foundation

Influencer Lauren Koontz; Fenty Pro Filt'r Foundation

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