Meet Lauren Samone!

Lauren Samone Koontz

Hey there, glam squad and foodie fanatics! I’m Lauren Samone – your dazzling, one-woman show and the curator behind Just think of me as the unofficial official ambassador of good vibes in the City of Angels, aka LA’s Resident Beauty Foodie (and if that’s not a thing, you better believe I’m making it one)!


Welcome to the kaleidoscope of LA life through the lens of Lauren Samone

Here, at, I don’t just walk through life; I strut with a camera in one hand and a spoon in the other. This blog is my playground, where my love for snapping pics and whipping up colorful content comes with a side of LA’s finest – from must-try munchies to beauty buzz, and tunes that’ll have you saying, “Turn that up!!” So, buckle up, buttercup, we’re about to embark on a ride through the City of Angels with a wink and a fabulous food filter. And hey, when night falls and I score an invite to the city’s coolest spots, there’s no telling whether I’ll be behind the camera or shaking it on the dance floor – watch out, LA!

Who is Lauren Samone?

Lauren Samone, better known to the world as the effervescent and charismatic creator behind, is your quintessential LA girl. With her finger on the pulse of the city’s vibrant culinary scene and beauty trends, she has rightfully earned her title as LA’s Resident Beauty Foodie.

The Mission

Lauren’s mission? To sprinkle a little bit of magic dust over your daily routine – whether that’s by introducing you to your next favorite food hotspot or tipping you off on how to keep your skin glowing like a Hollywood starlet. She lives by a simple credo: Why be mundane when you can be fabulous?

Connect With Lauren

Ready to dive into this beauty foodie’s world? Follow Lauren’s escapades by bookmarking her website and staying tuned to her Instagram indulgences at @leaux.samone. From sunrise smoothies to sunset cocktails, Lauren’s tantalizing tales of LA will keep you hooked.

For collaborations, press inquiries, or to send a hello, reach out to Lauren through the contact form on


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