Hey Loves! I wanted to give you all a quick food post mostly because the meal was DELICIOUS and I love to share with you all the restaurants I go to that have some tasty cuisine in LA! So this time I hit up STK Los Angeles. I got an invite from Amber about a dinner party to which I quickly accepted because I had been wanting to check them out for a while now.  I especially wanted to check them out since the restaurant had recently been relocated from a spot on La Cienega Blvd. to the W Hotel in Westwood. The location is awesome as it’s nestled in the swank area neighboring UCLA and Century City. Somewhat residential, but also  surrounded by other hotels and high rise buildings.  The atmosphere of STK Los Angeles is that of pretty much any trendy restaurant. Nice ambiance, low lights, tea candles lit all over the place. And of course they had a DJ playing all the hits, new and some old school!

We started off the evening with champagne but anyone who knows me know that champagne and I are not besties so I took a couple of sips at the most. Once we sat down and got settled I asked the waiter for a cocktail in which he suggested a key lime cocktail. KEY LIME!! I was automatically sold. I am the KEY LIME QUEEN! and let me tell you all… IT WAS DELISH!!

AmbersocialLA; LEAUX.SAMONE The Leaux Project; Leighann Rose STK WESTWOOD; Los Angeles STK WESTWOOD; Los Angeles; W Hotel STK WESTWOOD; Los Angeles; W Hotel STK WESTWOOD; Los Angeles; W Hotel Leaux.Samone; AmbersocialLA

But all that aside let’s get into this FOOD! Everything was delicious!! We started off with the most delicious bread that you pull apart because that’s always fun! It appeeared to have butter and chives on it already and it was served with a sort of herb infused dipping sauce. Yum! After that we had the tuna tartar. That was my first time tasting tuna tartar and it was sooooooo tasty!  I could’ve honestly been content with just eating these for the rest of the evening. That’s how good they were.  After the tuna they served us a caeser salad. The caeser salad was  your standard salad; still good though!

STK WESTWOOD; Los Angeles; W HotelSTK WESTWOOD; Los Angeles; W Hotel; tuna tartar

Let get into this meat! Now forgive me but I wasn’t really in blogger mode at the time so I didn’t get what beef we were eating but all I know is that it was DELICIOUS! A sliced steak served with a sauce on the side and cooked just right!

STK WESTWOOD; Los Angeles; W Hotel

We were also served chicken, a yummy mac n cheese, green beans, and a sweet corn pudding! ( I wish I would’ve gotten more of that LOL) I love sweet ANYTHING! Speaking of sweet…..STK WESTWOOD; Los Angeles; W Hotel; mac n cheese

Let us discuss this beauty…. DELICIOUS!!!

I will admit the cookie was a bit rich but the vanilla ice cream helped with that.

STK WESTWOOD; Los Angeles; W Hotel; chocolate chip cookie

STK’s claim is that they are “…Not your daddy’s steakhouse.”

True. My daddy could do without all the frou frou ambiance and what not. Just give him the good food. And that they have…

I want to give a special thanks to Kevin, the manager at STK for being such a gracious host and making sure we were well accommodated for the evening. If you’re in the LA area check them out!!