Hey everybody!! I wanted to give you guys a little Honest Beauty review on their skincare and cosmetics because I am LOVING these products right now!!! Thanks to Jessica Alba and Honest Beauty I got these as a gift while I was at a taping of  The Fab Life a while ago! And I’ve pretty much been on board with them ever since.


Honest Beauty is the cosmetics line from the Honest Company which gives everyone from babies to adults safe, nontoxic yet effective products for our everyday lives.

Disclaimer: I use stuff with a bunch of chemicals I can’t pronounce on my skin. I AM GUILTY! Do I want to do it. NO! Buuuuut I just haven’t got to a place where I’m that picky about what I use. Maybe one day I’ll be there but until then Thanks for helping a sista out Honest Beauty!

In my little bag of goodies were

Honest Beauty
These wipes are amazing! Extremely moist so you have enough to get the makeup off of your entire face!

Honest Beauty
I love to use the moisturizer when I wear makeup. I like it because It’s really light, and non greasy so I don’t look like an oil slick when I put my foundation on. What I really love are the ingredients in it: Chamomile, Calendula, Acerola cherry, barbary fig, green tea, and licorice. These help calm and soothe the skin, provide antioxidant support for your skin tone and improve the appearance of dark spots! I’ve especially needed help with the latter and I do see improvement!

Honest Beauty Luminizer Powder
The Luminizer Powder is basically my go to powder to give my face a great highlight! Like really it’s the only highlighter I use. Well the first one I actually owned lol! I have the color Midnight Reflection which looks GLORIOUS against my skintone! This product is a staple in my routine!

Honest Beauty Palette
This has to be my FAVORITE out of all the products!! The Everything Makeup Palette is just that. EVERYTHING. Do you see those colors??? BEAUTIFUL! It’s everything a girl needs to create a #SweetBeat *Got the term from BEATFACEHONEY! When I first started putting on makeup I was addicted to blues, greens, and purples! Although I may still rock a rainbow shade every now and again I’m leaning more towards a more natural look and this is just the palette to do so! It comes with 5 shadows that give you a soft day time look or something more smokey for the evening! It also comes with a beautiful blush color and two lip colors… I usually just end up mixing the two. So pretty together! This is the perfect palette. I always keep it with me to do any touch ups during my day! Definitely recommend!

The Honest Beauty cosmetics and skincare products are great for anyone, especially those who want a more healthy approach to beauty and skincare! Not only are they safe and nontoxic but they are really effective! Usually when people hear those words they are afraid they won’t get the same quality as other cosmetics! My mind has been changed! Lol! If you’re looking to go a more natural route I’d say give Honest Beauty a try!

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