Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

Hey loves!! Soooooo… I’ve got a post brought to you by Influenster and Viktor & Rolf FLOWERBOMB! Yes I was that excited when I got the email saying I was getting to test out the Flowerbomb fragrance accompanied by the new Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Precious oil.

I wasn’t so excited for the actual fragrance because well…. I already have it 🙂 (and I already knew how great it smelled) but I was more excited to be trying the new Flowerbomb Precious Oil. The Precious Oil is great because it’s a perfume oil designed to enhance and prolong the wear of the actual Flowerbomb fragrance during your day. You put a drop or two of the precious oil on and then layer it with the Flowerbomb fragrance. And I can tell you that the Flowerbomb stayed on me for at least 7 hours. Yes I timed it…LOL!

Flowerbomb; Influenster Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb precious oil

Now for those wanting to know how this smells…hmmmm… let’s see, I’m not an expert on fragrances and notes but I can say it’s a pretty floral scent with additional notes that amp up the fragrance making it not your ordinary floral perfume (does that make sense??? probably not…)

Check out to get the exact details on the notes and style of Flowerbomb and it’s Precious Oil!

Flowerbomb has become one of my fave fragrances and I just love how the Viktor & Rolf team designed the precious oil as an extension to this already beautiful scent. How long a fragrance lasts is pretty important to me when purchasing new scents. Now maybe Viktor & Rolf can make a precious oil for BONBON! FINGERS CROSSED!

*I did receive these products free of charge to review. All opinions are my own.*