Greetings! I just wanted to give you a quick blog post because I came across the cutest spot in LA for a cool treat! Cool literally because it’s soft serve and cool figuratively speaking because as far as I’m concerned anything Instagram pic worthy is pretty darn cool! That’s exactly where I came across this little gem of a place. Instagram. The spot is called Little Damage in DTLA and they have small batches of the most interesting flavors. But these aren’t your regular chocolate and vanilla flavors. The flavors they had this day were Vegan Mango Sticky Rice, Unicorn Tears, and BLACK ROSES!


Little Damage in DTLA; Lauren Koontz; Charcoal Ice Cream


Me and the bestie Brittnay ended up at Little Damage in DTLA after a day at DragCon, with all the fabulous Queens! We knew we’d be in the area so we had planned on going to see what all the Instagram hoopla was about! I mean, who wouldn’t be intrigued….? Now initially I wanted to go to Little Damage in DTLA because the charcoal colored soft serve that I kept seeing was called Almond Charcoal…don’t quote me on that name.

So when I got to see the menu I saw Black Roses which looks identical so I purchased it. I would describe Black Roses pretty much as vanilla and roses with a hint of charcoal on a charcoal cone. Pretty tasty. While in line they allowed us to sample other flavors. The Mango Sticky Rice wasn’t bad at all! I passed on getting that one because it was a sweetness I wasn’t in the mood for. And they had all these different toppings like sprinkles, coconut flakes, fruity pebbles! I opted for the Oreos. YUM! Little Damage in DTLA

Everyone on Instagram was posting photos of these delicious ice cream flavors but not one person posted a picture of the monstrosity of a line that we had to stand in! We waited in line for about an hour. I don’t know if this is an everyday thing or if we chose to go on the busiest day of the week. Clearly everyone in the city had the same idea!

Once inside I could see how cute this place was. It is a pretty small shop with such a cool Zen vibes. It’s got minimalist colors, cute decor and little plants. I was not in blogger mode that day so I didn’t take pics but just take my word. CHILL.

Now to keep it 100 with you all: Was it worth it to stand in line for an hour and pay $7 for some charcoal colored ice cream. Eh! Maybe not but I regret nothing! LOL. But would I do it again? No. I’m convinced we Angelenos pay for a hip, trendy experience. And to post cute pics on our Instagram feeds! LOL

The customer service was good and they were going as fast as they could considering the amount of people they were servicing. So if you’re in the area, with a lot of time on your hands and some coins to give away, I’d suggest you try it!

Check out their awesome Instagram feed HERE!

Little Damage in DTLA; Lauren Koontz; Charcoal Ice Cream