Jane Iredale Pure & Simple Makeup voxbox from Influenster

Hey everyone! We’ve got another post thanks to Influenster! I received the Jane Iredale Pure & Simple Makeup Kit free from influenster and I was really excited to try.

I was excited to test the Jane Iredale products ,since I’d never heard of it and I like trying new lines. Really wish that I actually liked it! I received the kit in Medium Dark which included 2 PurePressed mineral foundations, a Blush, 2 eyeshadows, and a Just kissed lip and cheek stain. Starting off with the foundation: The colors are Golden Glow and Latte. I only used Latte because Golden Glow was too light. Upon researching the Jane Iredale site it seems like the medium dark kit may be the darkest shades they have in these Pure and Simple kits. That’s not really good….

The foundation doesn’t offer any coverage so you can still see any old blemish marks on my face. Even trying to build it on didn’t work. You can still see everything! It made my complexion appear extremely ashy and it doesn’t photograph well at all.

The photo below is the only decent pic that I could get where I didn’t look so ashy. There also wasn’t a bunch of flashback. The blush color I got was Dubonnet which is a really pretty rose color and I really wanted to like it but the color payoff was just not great at all. The first time I used it I didn’t see any color so I tried it again this time utilizing the cheek stain underneath it which helped the color truly show….somewhat.

The eyeshadows in the colors Oyster and Supernova are pretty. They’re your standard shimmery shadows. They actually have a decent amount of a color payoff. I was really surprised at how pigmented the Oyster was by itself. Oyster is kind of a eggshell-y/white color. While Supernova is a nice shade of purple/plum. The only thing I can say about the Lip and cheek stain in the color Forever Pink is that it’s a glorified Chapstick with very strong Strawberry scent.

The kit did come with a face brush and a shadow brush but both were annoying so I opted to use my own brushes. As for the package of this makeup kit… it’s decent. If this works for you then it’ll be good to tote around and have the basics at your disposal. As for myself I don’t see me ever purchasing this kit in the future.

It’s a NO from me dawg!


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