bite beauty amuse bouche; Best nude and dark lip

Hey Friends! OK so let’s get into the latest voxobox that Influenster sent me to review. As you can tell from the picture I received From Bite Beauty two lippies from the Amuse Bouche Collection and two lip liners that they have so appropriately deemed THE LIP PENCIL. I deem them the best nude and dark lip! Also in the box, but not pictured, was a Sephora biodegradable pencil sharpener. Good thing because I’ve had the same sharpener for years and it was definitely time to upgrade. And yes I’ve sharpened regular pencils with it. Please don’t judge! Soooo about this lip products….

I LIKE THEM!! Like alot!

I really do! Now I’m usually a pink/nude gal and I’m slowly getting into bolder reds. That’s where my wild side ends. It did until I tried this Whiskey colored lip stick…. you guys…. I don’t think you all understand how bomb I felt in this bold, rich, deep, edgy color! I looked great and I got/get so many compliments on this color. Paired with THE LIP Pencil in 044 I can’t go wrong. I wore it for an evening out and I only dabbed a little bit more on once so that the color would be more bolder for a photo otherwise what I had on was enough! bite beauty amuse bouche; Best nude and dark lip

bite beauty amuse bouche; Best nude and dark lip

Influencer Lauren Koontz
Lauren Koontz

Like I mentioned I love a good nude color so when I saw the Honeycomb is was EXCITED! I couldn’t wait to try it! Now I will say that I do love the color. It’s a brilliant colored BEIGE NUDE and the lip pencil to go with it is just as bright when you apply it. The only issue I have with this color is that it’s a little TOO brilliant and may make the lip look a bit ashy once it’s applied. Perhaps it’s my skin tone. I’d love to see how this color looks on some other gals!

Since I’ve been wearing it I’ve found myself  having to apply another lip color on top of it to give the Honeycomb a bit of a sheen. That’s really my only beef with this nude color. This probably wouldn’t deter me from purchasing it in the future because it’s still a pretty bomb base to start off with to get an amazing color. Especially the liner. It applies so creamy!

bite beauty amuse bouche

bite beauty amuse bouche

I’m a budget-nista so I’m kinda side eyeing this price which is $26 for .15 oz of lipstick. Yeah I know…I’m cheap! Ha! But I can see me giving away my coins for this line. Good stuff! So yeah. I’m impressed. I’d recommend!

Until next time my friends! ???

As I’m writing this I’m listening to John Mayer’s Come Back to Bed…. I’m a big fan of John Mayer and I love coming across songs by him I haven’t heard before. I’m just letting you all know that this may become a thing! Playlists anyone? LOL

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