The Court Cafe

The Court Cafe: Breakfast Done Right

Heeeeeeeey boos! I know it’s been forever but a gal has been in school and I underestimated the amount of work professors give. Like TONS! So that’s what’s been keeping me busy these last couple of months. I enjoy it but I’m ready for this semester t be over! And while I was away: I had a BIRTHDAY! Yup, the 9th of this month was dedicated to little ol’ me so I took the time to just enjoy the day as best as I could seeing as though I had thee worst headache! I swear it lasted like 3 days. But in the midst of battling a headache I did manage to check out a new spot in the neighborhood to celebrate me that morning. The Court Cafe!

I went to a new breakfast spot in Los Angeles called The Court Cafe. I was going to go to another local breakfast spot nearby but my dad suggested we go to the Court Cafe.

The Court Cafe a new hole in the wall that has basically replaced at least THREE of my favorite locations for breakfast. Like knocked everybody out of the ball park. I was going to order chicken and waffles because I’m basic like that but I decided to indulge since it was my birthday so I ordered a Crab Cake omlette with a side of potatoes. My dad did end up ordered a waffle but he got his with the fried lobster with a side of strawberry butter and peach cobbler butter. OH MY GOD. I can’t even began to explain how good ALL of this food was. It’s actually ridiculous.

My dad also ordered grits. These were the best grits I’ve ever had in my life. So creamy, and so cheesy! And they had fresh squeezed orange juice!? Yaaaaaas!

The restaurant is ran by a trio who calls themselves “Foodminati”. They operated out of a food truck before expanding their business (GO SUPPORT BLACK BUSINESS!) and into their store. The only issue I had is the wait time. It was kinda lengthy but the food more than made up for it! If you’re in LA please go check put the Court Cafe. Be ready to bring your appetite and your coins! You’ll need plenty of both!

court cafe
The Court Cafe
The Court Cafe