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Hey loves! Ya girl is doing something a bit new for The Leaux Project that I’m excited to tell you all about which has to do with everyones favorite subject: FOOD! I’m starting a….we’ll just say series that I’d like to call WHERE THE LEAUXCALS (locals) EAT! I am not claiming this to be some sort of new and innovative idea but I basically just want to show my readers the spot that local Angelenos hit up! Show you all the bomb eateries in my neck of the woods and surrounding areas! I’m not talking about the chain restaurants or touristy attractions like Nobu or Pinks hot dogs. I’m talking about the good ol hole in the walls, the hidden gems around the city! So to inaugurate WHERE THE LEAUXCALS EAT I’d like to to introduce you to LOQUI! Honest Mexican food in Culver City

Loqui is a small restaurant in Culver City nestled in the middle of the chic shopping center PLATFORM that you would not see from the street. If you’re not on your feet walking through it you would never know it was there. Me and my friend, Yall know Amber!, were attending a blogger event (aka a burnt mission if you ask me) at a shop at the Platform but they weren’t done setting up so we decided to grab a bite because the same as we had passed it the first time was sooooo enticing so we went in.

Loqui has a small menu to choose from that includes Primos (I guess that’s there name for tacos…IDK) Plates, and a few sides to choose from! For Primos and plates you can choose Chicken, Beef, Pork, or Mushroom. The sides they offer are chips and guacamole, rice and beans, or a quesadilla. Ok so I can say this with confidence ( and just from a personal standpoint because tacos are usually the last thing I’d pick to eat) that LOQUI IS THE BEST CHICKEN TACO I’VE EVER TASTED IN MY LIFE!

We got our primos on flour tortillas which apparently they’re famous for. I LIVE FOR A GOOD FLOUR TORTILLA!!  The chicken in the primo was seasoned just right and the primo is topped with cheese, guacamole, onion, cilantro, salsa. It was so good. Loqui has a smoky dark colored sauce that is TO DIE FOR! They also have a drink called Jamaica that I tried. A hibiscus drink. It was good and refreshing!

The primo on Flour costs $5. I’t a pretty decent sized taco so I’d say it was worth it. If you know me then you know I get full FAST! So that $5 satisfied me for a good few hours. Not Amber though. We ended up going back right after the blogger event! LOL! She ordered another primo while I just ate some of Loqui’s chips and guacamole which are pretty good as well! I’ve gone to Loqui a number of times since the first time I went. I tried the pork primo on flour which was tasty as well but not as delicious as the chicken. In my opinion.

I DEFINITELY recommend Loqui if you are in the mood for a bomb taco(s). I don’t think you will be disappointed! Oh, one more thing…. THEY ONLY TAKES CARDS! No cash….

Check out EAT LOQUI 

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LOQUI Culver City Loqui: Honest Mexican food in Culver City


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