Music Monday

Hey loves! So I figured I’d start giving you all a glimpse into what I’m listening to these days. If you know me then you know that musically my heart is stuck in the 90’s. I think some of the best music came from that decade and there’s no debating that! I’m not a HUGE fan of what’s being put out these days (that’s another discussion) but if you search you will find those gems that stand out amongst the mainstream “IN CROWD”. Not saying I’m not keeping my ears to what’s “HOT” in these streets! (if my ears can stand it…) but it’s nice to vibe out to artists who are a breath of fresh air amongst the stank being force fed to us!
These are just a few of the many artists that I’m loving at the moment!
I’m always looking out for some new music to add to my collection (read: iPod) so let me know what you’re listening to these days!

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