T-Mobile UncarrierX: Bruno Mars and the Hooligans

I knew there was a reason I liked T-mobile contrary to my always threatening to cuss them out via Twitter. I’m not above giving someone the business about my service especially if I’m shelling out my cute coins each month. LET’S GET IT RIGHT! And I mean honestly, who LOVES reaching their data limit and now all of a sudden everything you do on your cell is going slower than dial-up? 90’s problems that I’m not here for… But I’ve been riding with T-mobile since a SIDEKICK 2 so they must be doing something right. And with the new #UnCarrierX T-Mobile is continuing to get it right. Video streaming that has no impact on your data! Ummmm…I GOT TIME FOR THAT! Netflix going UP y’all! Check out T-MOBILE.COM for more info!

Lauren Koontz, Ambersocialla,T-Mobile UncarrierX: Bruno Mars and the Hooligans But this past Tuesday I had the opportunity to attend a concert at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles headlined by Bruno Mars! T-Mobile basically made it a whole day in celebration of #UnCarrierX starting with a conference that John Legere, CEO and President of T-mobile, would speak at that morning for Media and bloggers. Amber of AmbersocialLA.com had the opportunity to attend that event so check out some behind the scenes HERE!


I just had a fantastic time turning up with what seemed to be nothing but T-Mobile employees! I was almost tempted to ask for a free screen protector for this Samsung Galaxy s6 edge plus buuuuuut who wants to talk work when you’re trying to get drunk! Shout out to the guy in front of me double fisting the drinks that he clearly couldn’t handle as he passed out in his seat during the turn up! Lightweights I tell ya… Before Bruno and his hooligans blessed the stage, Zedd came out and gave a us a crazy good dj set full of music, fire and lasers!Zedd


Followed by Lil Jon and DJ Vice with a DJ battle. Myself, Amber, and two of her friends were turning up in the cramped up seating area! God I wish we were able to occupy the standing/mosh like area so I could’ve engaged in proper twerkage! Yup it’s a word… look it up. ? Ok I’m not exactly the twerking type but I could’ve used way more space to two step!

DJ vice

Lauren Koontz, Amber, and friends

I’m a big fan of Bruno Mars… that voice is undeniable! There’s nothing like a live performance where an artist can actually *ahem* SING! And he can dance his ass off too! Yaaaaaaassss! Amber was slowly falling deeper in love with each song he sang. But hey, when you’ve got a baby making voice it’s easy to catch feelings!

I’m a bit bummed that I have all this video footage on my phone that I can’t seem to upload on here. I guess that’s not a thing. IDK. If I find out anytime soon then I’ll for sure post it!

Bruno Mars Hooligans

Bruno mars hooligans
Thanks to T-mobile for providing an incredible evening!

Zedd Shrine Auditorium