Hey everyone! This is just a quick post about the dope marketing campaign from Beats by Dre going on right now to coincide with the upcoming release of the movie Straight Outta Compton based on the career of gangster rap group NWA. In case you aren’t aware, not into hip hop, or have just been living under a rock- Beats Electronics, the company that is responsible for those amazing (yet expensive) Beats by Dre headphones is co-founded by rapper and producer Dr. Dre who was in NWA. So here we have Beats by Dre/Straight Outta Compton marketing integration. And shout-out to whoever is responsible for marketing: YOU DID THAT! All this free promo via social media! What do we love more than social media? Reppin’ our cities on social media!! Lol And we’re doing just that! Click on the hashtag #StraightOutta and see all the pics (even some hilarious memes) that people are creating!

Hit up StraightOuttaNowhere.com to put on for your city! And check out Straight Outta Compton in theaters on August 14! Have fun!
FYI: the Heart of Los Angeles I’m sitting in front of is art work by @AntiGirl on Instagram. Check out her work!



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