Hey friends! Bath & Body Works had a really cool sale the last two days! $4.95 for all of their FINE FRAGRANCE MISTS! So basically the ULTIMATE FRAGRANCE SALE! The sales associate let me know that this will be their lowest price for fragrance mists for a while. Although I told myself I wasn’t going to purchase any fragrance mists until I used up a few of the ones I already own, you really can’t beat $4.95 for a scent. Especially since they’ve bumped the prices up to $16.50!! Shame! But Bath & Body Works tends to always have a sale of some sort so there’s never a reason to pay full price. Just be patient! LOL!

I went into Bath & Body works for 1 fragrance mist. I bought 5! Now I could’ve bought a couple more but I also told myself that I wouldn’t purchase anything I wasn’t truly impressed with. I’ll let you all know what I decided to leave behind.

What I Bought

I only went to Bath & Body Works for one fragrance and that is BONFIRE BASH! I live for everything Bonfire Bash and I was so hoping that Bath & Body Works would bring it back and they did just that! It’s apart of the faceted collection. I’m still trying to understand what faceted is all about, but it’s all good. I prefer the Autumn packaging from 2021 but i’m good as long as it still smells the same! We’ll also get into the few that I thought about buying. Let’s get into the ones that made it home:

Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works

Bonfire Bash

vanilla bourbon, creamy sandalwood and cashmere musk.

Champagne Toast

 bubbly champagne, sparkling berries and juicy tangerine.

Wicked Vanilla Woods

 magical vanilla, glowing amberwood and enchanted pink pepper

Enchanted Candy Potion

 spellbinding sugar, bewitched berries and whipped pixie dust

Golden Hour Coast

sun-kissed bergamot, golden pear and radiant woods

What I Left

The three scents I opted to leave at the store were Champagne Apple & Honey, Blueberry Sugar Pancakes, and Warm Vanilla Sugar. Even though they all smelled nice as for the Champagne Apple & Honey and Blueberry Sugar Pancakes I couldn’t justify buying them when I know I hardly go through the gourmand bakery scents I currently own (umm hello Merry Cookie! Strawberry Pound Cake!) And as far as Warm Vanilla Sugar… It’s not outdoing Bare Vanilla from Victoria’s Secret. Not even the extremely low price could convince me!

I’m happy with the scents I purchased. They’re going to be great for the upcoming Autumn season and cooler weather. I can’t wait to put some dents in these bottles! Let me know if you hit up the sale or if you’ve purchase any of the current Fall scents. What’s your fave!?

Talk to you all soon! XOXO Lauren