Sweet Ellis Brooklyn

Hey loves! I recently purchased a new scent to add to my collection. Something soft and sweet for warmer weather! So I am currently in my pear era (blog post coming soon) and I knew Ellis Brooklyn Sweet Eau de Parfum would be the perfect addition. This fragrance is a combination of sweet, slightly floral, a little musky, with a bit of warmth.

Ulta gave me a sample with a crazy amount of other fragrance samples as a gift from with a purchase. I actualy bought the full size bo from Sephora.

I was happy to try Sweet because you all know I live for gourmand scents. And as much as I love gourmand some of the ones I own are too cloying for warmer weather! Ellis Brooklyn Sweet Eau de Parfumwill give me just the right amount with me wanting to scrub it off.

Pear, Ambrette, Bergamot
Violet, Orris, Heliotrope
Marshmallow, White Amber, Cashmere

On my skin I get a juicy pear note, and ambrette that gives off a slightly musky smell. The florals really come through on this one and I think the one I smell the most is Orris. As sweet and floral as Sweet is, it’s also a bit warm. Like a cozy type warm. Something about it is just pleasant and cozy and I’ll attribute that to the marshmallow, white amber and cashmere.

Ellis Brooklyn is a fragrance brand that launched in 2015. Created by Bee Shapiro, Ellis Brooklyn is “a modern and eco-friendly luxury fragrance house. We create fragrances for the daily joy and pleasure of scent.”