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Let’s just discuss how Twitter came through for ya girl! When you keep your eyes peeled something is bound to pop up.

So I saw a sponsored post on twitter about an event hosted by Sanaa Lathan and a performance by V. Bozeman that would be in my area. Normally I’d scroll right past a tweet like this give because sponsored tweets usually give me spammy vibes and I don’t have the time but something told me to just click the link. I mean something from the Lincoln Motor Company can’t be a complete bust right? Right….. so I got an email confirmation with all of the details, time, location, etc. And on it there was a mention of food. Now you know when food is involved I’M THERE! Of course I had to have my turn up twin Amber rsvp as well but I was still slightly apprehensive.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect from an event that I heard about via Twitter.  Fast forward to the day and let’s just say the event was pretty bomb!

The Lincoln Luxury is… or #LincolnLuxe event was a kick off to the LA Auto show that just recently passed and Lincoln Motor company treated their guests to a pre-event ( is that a word?) with luxuries that embodied the chic, classic brand! The day started off at Unici Casa in Culver City, CA with a test ride ride in one of the different Lincoln motor company models they offered. Many of the guests were waiting to test ride the BEAUTIFUL Lincoln Continental. From the outside that car is HOT! I can imagine what the ride was like.

Now I would’ve waited to test ride (like the people in front of us did) but 1) We had already been in the line for awhile and 2) for some reason Culver City was BLAZING that afternoon which is weird because CC is usually the cooler of the cities in this area, so Amber and myself just opted to test the Lincoln MKT so as to GET OUT OF THE HEAT and inside with the AC. Let me tell you…. the perspiration on my body was not playing! LOL! No but really… I’m surprised the sweat didn’t show through my dress!

So after our ride with our driver we had to take a short survey about our experience in the car and once we finished we got our bags to put our goodies in and our complimentary LA Auto Show Tickets. Once inside we saw they had an open bar, a few food stations, a couple of Lincoln vehicles. They also had a vodka tasting station by Glass vodka, and Matriarch perfume station (according to the maker of Glass Vodka he and Matriarch collaborate. He uses her scents to accent cocktails and she uses his vodka as a base for her fragrances),

Other stations included cigars from the Cigar Guys, Nitropod Organic Ice Cream and Sorbet, a pretty cool social media area. They would print out whatever picture you took with the #LincolnLuxe hashtag attached and create a sticker for you.

The DJ was ON POINT! He played all the jams. When I say all the jams I mean ALL THE JAMS! From Aaliyah, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Prince, New Edition, Maze and Frankie Beverly just to name a few! I LOVE when jamming to music from different decades and the DJ did just that to keep the party alive! At one point during the day the beautiful Sanaa Lathan graced us with her presence and spoke a bit about something. I’d tell you what she was saying but I was too mesmerized. She’s such a beauty. Sanaa also introduced us to the lovely V. Bozeman who blessed us with a few songs including her single “What is Love” from the hit show Empire! Her voice is amazing!

The event went really well. I met new people and even got to see one of my oldest boos Nathan! UNDERSTAND It’s always laughs when he’s around! We danced. We ate. Just know that an event is cool with me if it had food, freebies, and good music. Oh, did I mention a photobooth. YOU GOTS TO HAVE A PHOTOBOOTH….It’s necessary. Lincoln Motor Co. did a good job!

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Lauren Koontz

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