LA Confidential presents Mark Ronson! Hey everyone! This post is going to be short and sweet! So right now all around the city of L.A. parties and events are happening (aren’t they always happening???) in celebration of the 58th annual Grammy Awards that will air this Monday. Why are they airing on Monday you ask? I DON’T KNOW! I have the same question. But I digress. Just know that they are a bunch of things going on right now and I just happened to go to one of them.

I attended the LA Confidential Presents Mark Ronson event that celebrated their Grammy cover issue with Mark Ronson at Exchange LA nightclub in Downtown Los Angeles. It was basically one big dance party! DJ BeeFOWL was spinning throughout the evening and America’s Best Dance Crew winners “i.aM.mE” hit the floor with a routine to Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk”.  Amber and myself weren’t even in the venue a good 5 minutes before we spotted a Photobooth! A good event is GOING to have a photobooth and we’re pretty much pros at this point. I’m surprised we only hit them up for 2 rounds…. The whole vibe was a great one. It did start off a bit slow but soon everyone started to loosen up and get their boogie on!

It was a bit strange that it was pretty much a Mark Ronson party yet he never showed face. Hmmm…..I guess chilling up in the VIP section was enough for him. Besides that I met some great people as well! I mean… good music and cocktails are a great way for people to connect, right? lol! The evening was sponsored by Ciroc Vodka so you guys know the drinks were flowing. But ummm note to self: No More PROSECCO. I found out we don’t get along…. HA! I almost forgot…. THEY HAD SNACKS!! Along the sides of the venue were little vendors. One had popcorn, another had warm pretzels but of course I zeroed in on the CHURROS! CHURROS GIVE ME LIFE! LOL! Anyways here are a few flicks from the Grammy kick off festivities! Until next time! Muah!

LA Confidential presents Mark Ronson
Marc Ronson


LA Confidential Grammy's

LA Confidential Grammy's

Churro; LA Confidential presents Mark Ronson

Ciroc Grammy's

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LA Confidential Grammy's

LA confidential grammy's