Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a fantastic holiday season thus far and I do hope that it continues to get better as we begin to close out 2017 and enter into 2018! Now today’s post is something that I’ve been sitting on for a while. And I mean A WHILE! It’s a gifting box. A HOLIDAY themed gifting box that I got FREE from a Blogger Babes event that I attended some time at the beginning of the year. And since it is a Christmas themed gifting box it only made sense for me to tell you all about it during CHRISTMAS! I’m sure I’m not the only blogger who is sitting on reserved posts…. LOL! But on to this box!

From Thoughtfully


Every Thoughtfully gift is carefully curated to provide a lasting experience. The contents are handpicked to delight while delivering on a key element of gifting… THOUGHTFULNESS! Every box is a story to unwrap.”

Not all of the boxes are holiday themed. Thoughtfully Gifting Stories has a box for the “LOVERS” in all of us! They got Chocolate, Cheese, Wine, Barbecue, Baking, Tea, Margarita, Pie, Macaroni, Matcha, Tequila, Hot Sauce, YOU NAAAAAAAME IT! See what I did there….HA! They’ve got something for everybody. I just happend to come across the “SWEET” Holiday baking gift set which is perfect for me. If you know me, you know I love to bake. And cookies are my JAM! More than the cookies themselves, I’m more stoked about these cute little cast iron skillets! And they have Christmas shapes!

The inside of this box is so cute and if filled with everything you need to get you in the spirit of whatever it is you’re doing! For me it’s the Holiday spirit. For you it may be the Margarita spirit! As long as it fills you with joy and these Thoughtfully gifts boxes will do the job! 

I love the idea behind giving curated gift boxes! Such a personable touch to give to your loved ones all year long! Check them out at THOUGHTFULLY.COM

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